Electric Power Distribution Engineering Third Edition

Electric Power Distribution Engineering Third Edition

A quick scan of any publication, library, or online bookseller can make a great number of books covering electricity systems. But few, if any, are entirely dedicated to power supply engineering, and none of them are accurate textbooks.

  • More than 180 comprehensive numerical examples
  • Over 170 end-of-chapter issues
  • Brand New MATLAB® software

The Third Edition Also Includes new chapters on:

  •     Distributed generation
  •     Renewable energy (e.g., wind and solar panels)
  •     Modern energy storage methods
  •     Smart grids and their software

Designed particularly for junior- or senior-level electrical engineering classes, the book covers all facets of distribution engineering out of fundamental machine planning and concepts via distribution system security and reliability. Drawing on decades of expertise to give a text that’s as appealing to students since it’s beneficial to professors and practicing engineers, the author illustrates how to design, assess, and execute modern supply system engineering. He takes particular care to cover industry conditions and logos, providing a glossary and clearly defining every word when it’s introduced. The conversation of supply planning and design factors extends past the typical analytical and qualitative evaluation to emphasize the economic explication and general effects of the distribution layout factors discussed.

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